Notes on Transy versus Kentucky

Ferguson offers special ‘scoop’

-Transylvania led the University of Kentucky Wildcats through the first two timeouts. Yes.

-The Transy men played an aggressive game, with 11 fouls as opposed to UK’s six.

-Coach Lane played 17 players as opposed to Coach Cal’s 11. This exemplified Lane’s coaching style and his desire to give all of his players the experience of playing in Rupp Arena.

-Total attendance for the game was 21,024!

-Percentage of 3-point shots made was similar: 32 percent success for Transy versus 35 percent for the Wildcats.

-The crowd cleared out super quick, especially the UK fans.

-Tate Cox, high scorer of the night, had 15 points.

-It looked like a bleeding Cat with all the crimson dispersed throughout … and Transy fans stayed longer!

-Both the former president Charles Shearer and current president R. Owen Williams were in attendance, representing years of Transylvania leadership in Rupp Arena last night.

-Word to the wise: Don’t mess with a man that has a 7-foot arm span. … Don’t shoot anywhere near Anthony Davis. … His go-go gadget arms can and will block, swat and destroy the ball.

-The dynamic of the crowd was one-of-a-kind — Transylvania shirts paired with Kentucky blue hats. In what other place but Lexington, whose two colleges’ histories are intertwined with one another, would we see this?

-With an exciting start to the game, Transy had the first two baskets of the night — what seemed to be a start to the traditional David and Goliath setup.

-With Lane coaching the Pioneers with a strong defense and aggressive offense, the score was tied two times in the first half.


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