Response to Berry’s letter

Dear Editor,

In regard to the letter in last week’s Rambler about publicizing our events to the Transylvania community, I am delighted to share the following information.

As noted, nearly all campus events — and most certainly major events like the Canadian Brass concert — are posted on Columns, the daily online newsletter on Inside Transy.

In addition, events are publicized on the 10 electronic display boards located throughout campus; on the online calendar at both Inside Transy and the main Transy website,; on main website’s front page and its news and events page; and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We send news releases to all local media, including The Rambler and The Kentucky Kernel. Events that are open to the public are also posted on eight outside calendars including LexGo, Smiley Pete Publishing, Downtown Lexington Corporation, and Tops in Lex. For events such as the Smith Concert Series and Kenan and Harlan lectures, we run ads in the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Before Columns was initiated, campus communication was by scores of mass emails that were often ignored, lost or forgotten. Imagine getting an email for every post on Inside Transy.

Columns, which is updated every weekday before 9 a.m., consolidates all of the university’s information in one place and categorizes it so that items can be scanned quickly. In a recent survey, 80 percent of respondents said they consider Columns their primary source of campus information.

Those who choose not to read it miss the promotion of upcoming events as well as important information about classes, registration, internships, study abroad, scholarships, meetings and much more.

Columns is available online — on and off campus — and accessible on smartphones by downloading MOX and selecting Transylvania University. The RSS feed is also updated every weekday before 9 a.m.

I encourage everyone in the campus community to make a habit of checking Inside Transy and the other information sources regularly. We are always looking for ways to better our internal communication efforts, and we welcome your ideas.

-Sarah Emmons
Associate Vice President for Communications


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