Settle releases ‘Nu’

Today, even average college students can become their own maestro — just as long as they have the right hookups, or Garage Band.

That is to say, music technology has come a long way since the invention of the Moog synthesizer in the 1950s.
Recently, I sat down with Transylvania senior Daniel “D-Lo” Settle to have a chat with him about the latest release of “Nu Direction,” an electronica album that he concocted this summer with friend Justin “J.” Tyler from Louisville, Ky.

“Our first idea for our name was Nu Direction, … but we then decided that was what we wanted our album to be called,” said Settle. “We then changed our name to Disco Techno, because we thought it was more fitting to the style of our ‘new direction.’ ”

Sounding like a mash-up between LMFAO and techno artist Kaskade, the music is certainly upbeat and entertaining.
So why this particular type of sound?

“Disco is fun and happy, and techno gets the party goin’,” Settle said.

Editing for the album has been a process.

“We started (writing) in the early summer — about June — and then did recording in August. … We used Garage Band and all of the songs were mastered in Fruity Loops Studio by J. Tyler,” said Settle.

The tracks on “Nu Direction” have vocal recordings from both Settle and Tyler. I personally get a kick out of hearing Settle on the microphone.

“Wanna know my favorite song on the CD?” Settle said. “I like ‘Nu Dance.’ Spelt with an ‘n-u,’ as well.”
Tyler and Settle work on lyrics both cooperatively and independently.

“We usually collaborate on the hooks and write our own verses separately,” said Settle.

Agreeing with Settle myself, if you listen to any of Disco Techno’s songs, you should give “Nu Dance” a try.
The album has been digitally released on SoundCloud if you want to have a listen. Just go to and type “Nu Direction” in the search bar, and you’ll soon see a list of tracks available for unlimited listening.
I asked Settle if he was okay with digitally putting his and Tyler’s music online.

“We didn’t want people to have to pay for our music, we just wanted people to enjoy listening to it,” Settle said.
Despite the distance now between them, Tyler and Settle envisioned Disco Techno together.

“I’m not sure what he would say exactly (in this interview), … but before we made (“Nu Direction”) we talked about the direction that it could take,” Settle said. “We wanted to make positive music, and that’s why this album is clean 100 percent. You can play it pretty much anywhere, and the lyrics wouldn’t be an issue.”

And with such a destination in mind, “Nu Direction” has completed the final stage of album production.

“We are both happy with it. I think that … anytime you make music, whenever you go back and listen to it you’re going to find flaws in it. But that’s what makes you grow as musicians,” said Settle.

The next time you’re at your computer, check out Settle and Tyler’s SoundCloud even if it’s not your cup of tea. It’s interesting to see what can come out of just a month’s work with programs like Garage Band and Fruity Loops.


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