Morlan exhibit goes ‘Beyond’

by Sarah Allison
Staff Writer

Prepare to be whisked away at the new exhibit in the Morlan Gallery. A place far away from exams, deadlines and Transylvania University, “Beyond Boundaries: New Work by Nana Lampton” lets you find that sense of place that college takes away.

This exhibit features Lampton, a Kentuckyartist widely known for her landscapes. These depict both scenic Kentucky spots and foreign locales, reflecting her travels. Lampton suggests that her paintings convey both a spirit of adventure and a sense of place.

Nana Lampton talks to Professor of Art History Dr. Nancy Wolsk at the opening reception of 'Beyond Boundaries: New Work by Nana Lampton." The exhibit is open until Dec. 6.

A Renaissance woman of her time, Lampton is also a published poet. Her books of poetry include “Moon with the Sun in Her Eye,” “Bloom of a Split Board” and “Snowy Owl Gathers in Her Trove.”

Many students appear to be impressed by the new exhibit.

“Nana Lampton’s artwork is beautiful, very inspiring and a great addition to the Morlan Gallery,” said first-year Hannah Greer.

Morlan Gallery Director Andrea Fisher also commented on Lampton and her artwork.

“What makes Nana unique,” Fisher said, “is her ability to run a large company and yet also maintain such a prolific amount of creative output. She strikes me as the type of person who is consistently maximizing her every moment.”

This Morlan Gallery exhibit will be on display until Dec. 6. The gallery will be premiering it to the public Fridayfrom 5 to 8 p.m. as part of the Lexington Gallery Hop.

A bonus exhibition, “Time and Place,” located in the student gallery of the Shearer Art Building, displays the art pieces juried by Lampton. The artwork, reflections of travel or ideas inspired by students’ own lives, correlates with her sketchbooks and poetry on display.

Junior Emily Shirley was the first-place winner for her sketchbook of Ireland.

“During the short two weeks spent abroad, I was cut off from distractions,” said Shirley. “As a result, I was fortunate to have a significant amount of time to dedicate to reflection, observation and inspiration while ‘drawing’ on the unique environment rural Ireland possesses.”

Shirley was “caught off guard” and “very honored,” she said, to have been selected by Lampton.

“As an artist, it is always a wonderful feeling to know your work is appreciated by others,” said Shirley.


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