Ramsey’s a sage bet; not spectacular

While the closest of its four locations on East High Street is a bit of a walk from campus, it is totally worth it. My friend Becky Goncharoff recommended this place to me, and I understand why she did. Ramsey’s Diner is an absolutely precious restaurant that is cranking out good ole southern classics, including Kentucky’s famous hot brown.

The mismatched furniture inside this diner reminds you of walking into someone’s home. Each table has its own story, like it’s been loved by a family for a long time. The cozy environment only adds to the comfort that the food provides, and servings are so enormous that it is difficult to finish a plate — you have to come with an appetite.

I chose to get the meat-and-three dish where you pick a meat, ranging from pot roast to catfish, and three hearty side dishes. Being unadventurous, I ordered fried chicken with green beans, macaroni and cheese and apple fritters.

The fried chicken was literally some of the best I have ever had. I do not know how they got the breast to stay so moist — but they did and it was fantastic. The salty seasoning in the coating did get to be a bit too much after a while.

The green beans were great, not too gamey from the ham hock, and were properly seasoned. Meanwhile, the macaroni and cheese was severely in need of some seasoning. It lacked both salt and pepper, which was really disappointing. In addition, the texture of the cheese sauce was really unappetizing. It was too gritty and pasty, like they had undercooked the flour used to thicken the sauce.

Then the apple fritters were not what I expected at all. When I think of a fritter, I think of a ball of batter with bits of whatever sort of fritter it is that is deep fried and then seasoned.

Well, Ramsey’s does a different sort of fritter. They cut the apple into semi-thin slices, dredge them in flour and deep-fry them. This was unexpected, but in a good way. The only thing I wish they had done was put more cinnamon sugar on the apple slices before they were fried or dusted them with it after they had fried them. Had they been properly seasoned, I would have enjoyed them far more than I did.

All in all, Ramsey’s is a place you need to check out. Just be prepared to do some of your own seasoning at the table.


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