School spirit could use a revival of enthusiasm

by Tyler Baker

What happened to school spirit? That’s been the question weighing on my mind since I began my time as a Transylvania student. Where is the student section full of screaming fans, the painted bodies of die-hard supporters?

I want to tell myself that the days of the traditional student section are over and I should move on from the fanatic frenzy of sporting events and accept that college is too studious to condone such behavior.

Then again, I realize that college sports are still in existence because of one main factor: the fans. Now, some might make the argument that Transylvania is a small liberal arts college and our fans can never match up to the quantity of those found at a well-known Division I school like the University of Kentucky, but I utterly reject that notion.

Most students at Transy came from a high school that harbored a student population of relative comparison to our institution that drove for miles to cheer on its sporting teams. That’s right, miles, and we can’t walk 100 yards to support our sports teams when they play at their home venue?

This lack of school spirit is a serious issue. Athletes feed off the energy created by their adoring fans, and when there aren’t fans there it stifles the initiative to play.

If you don’t believe me, go and ask any athlete on campus and ask which venue they’d rather play in: a packed house or a house spotted with the occasional fan. I guarantee you’ll hear the former over latter. But I wish to offer advice for this unprecedented shortcoming and proactively address the situation.

First, check Inside Transy for what’s going on around campus. Don’t think that just because someone hasn’t hung up a million posters an event isn’t happening; take some responsibility and see what’s going on around campus.

Secondly, talk to the athletes in your classes and see when they have a game. They would be more than willing to talk to you about when their next game is, and they’ll more than likely invite you to come watch.

Lastly, talk it up yourself. The more people hear the word about events, the more people will want to get involved. Gather your friends, paint your bodies, make T-shirts or just go and see what you think about the sport if you aren’t familiar with it. Anything that makes an effort at embracing your inner school spirit is better than no effort at all.

School spirit at Transy isn’t dead; students just need to mobilize and wake the sleeping giant. If every event was treated like the UK vs. Transy matchup, Transylvania would be the standard for student spirit.

Who says we can’t be that student body that’s considered the game changer? It’s a reality that’s not hard to accomplish.


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