Signage an effective change

When he first came to Transylvania’s campus, President R. Owen Williams announced to me in my first interview with him that monitors would be placed around campus to communicate special announcements, advertise events and promote campus organizations, among other things.

Today, more than a year later, there are 10 of these digital signage monitors around campus, one each located in the alumni and development office, the Beck Center, the Campus Center Canteen, the Cowgill Center lobby, Forrer Hall Front Lobby, Jazzman’s Café, the Rafskeller and the library, as well as outside Carrick Theater and the cafeteria.

According to Vice President for Information Technology Jason Whitaker, there are hopefully more on the way so that eventually every classroom building on campus displays one.

These monitors, much like your own student newspaper, showcase visually appealing designs containing information important to the campus community. They reduce clutter on campus walls by lessening the need for fliers and they integrate technology into the design of campus that, before, was painfully missing. In short, they’re pretty cool.

More than that, though, the digital signage monitors represent what good things can happen when the people working behind the scenes to oversee our campus collaborate and synergize.

The idea came from the president, was researched by Whitaker and the IT department and then installed by the physical plant. On a daily basis, the monitors’ content is controlled by the publications department, and staff in each building can add content to their building’s monitor. This interdepartmental, collaborative work is what’s best for our university.

In addition, submitting content is easy and can be done from the Inside Transy home page, creating yet another efficient way to get information to students.

For these reasons, I am happy to endorse the digital signage monitors as a truly successful project that has positively impacted our campus.


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