Transy first-years go for role on ‘The Glee Project’

by Laura Miller
Staff Writer

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Gleeks on Transylvania’s campus could spot a familiar face on a future season of their favorite show.

In November, first-years Jamie Hagood and Skyler Slone auditioned in Nashville, Tenn., for the second season of Oxygen’s reality television series “The Glee Project.” The show, created by Ryan Murphy, the executive producer for “Glee,” serves as an extended and televised audition process for “Glee,” with episode arcs awarded to the final winner.

Slone, who has acted since age 9, has always wanted to get into television. He has auditioned for other television and film roles in the past, including several Disney pilot shows. This project particularly appealed to him as it brings together his interests in both television and musical theater.

Slone considered trying out for the series last year as well, but the idea of competing on a reality show put him off at the time.

“I have a mindset about not trying to achieve success through reality television, because you’re just a flash in the pan,” said Slone.

After realizing that “Glee” casting directors and not America’s votes determined the show’s results, Slone decided to take the chance on an outlet he felt could ultimately lead to “the most substantial success” for him.

“The show has opened doors for a lot of people who were on it before,” said Slone.

Hagood decided to audition after hearing about the Nashville opportunity through Slone.

“ ‘Glee’ is one of my favorite shows,” said Hagood. “I thought it would be interesting and a good experience that would help me prepare for the future if I decide I want to pursue acting.”

The two traveled to Nashville Nov. 9-10 for the casting call. On Wednesday, Slone waited outside the venue at 8:00 a.m. for two hours before having to wait another two hours inside just for registration. Hagood tried out the following day.

“We went in (the screening room) in groups of five to perform for the judges,” said Slone.

How did they feel going into auditions?

“I was kind of nervous at first,” said Slone, “but then I just thought, you know, this is one of the best chances I have of doing this, so I need to be as focused and confident in my own abilities as possible.”

Hagood was less anxious approaching his turn before the judges.

“It wasn’t nerve-wracking. It was a totally relaxed atmosphere,” Hagood said.

Each had to choose one of eight previously selected pop songs to perform for the casting directors. Slone sang Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and Hagood chose “The Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga.

“That was tough for me, because that was not my genre really,” said Hagood.

Neither Hagood nor Slone was asked to perform again that day, but Slone is still in the running for a contestant slot. In addition to performing in Nashville, he also submitted an online video audition.

“Within the first two hours that my video was up, because of people at Transy, at home and across the country, my video was in the top one-third of auditions,” said Slone.

At the time of printing, his video was ranked 417th out of over 10,000 submissions. It has been viewed more than 1,700 times on the show’s casting website.

Both students are very thankful for the encouragement they have received from the Transy community throughout this process.

“Our professors were more than willing to let us go,” said Hagood. “It was a nice escape from the Transy Bubble for a couple of days.”

First-year Skyler Slone’s “Glee” audition video is still in the running! Make sure to view the video and vote for him. Slone, who sings “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, needs your “likes” to progress further in the contest.


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