Goodfellas: An offer you can’t refuse

With one location that is a short walk away from campus and another that delivers the pizza to you, Goodfellas Pizzeria is a primo pizza joint that puts out some wonderful pizza pies.

I actually did not eat at this particular location but chose to have it delivered to campus, which is really convenient considering the weather lately. Their delivery service is very prompt; I was quite impressed with how soon my pizza arrived. And the fact that they will deliver until 3 a.m. is a real perk. Now let us get to the food.

When I eat pizza, one of the things that I look at first is the crust. An overly thick crust, for me, is honestly disgusting, unless the pizza is in Chicago style, in which case it is fine. Goodfellas has a really great thin crust. The bottom of it is perfectly crispy and then the actual crust part is chewy — which I love in a pizza.

Another thing that I love about their pizza is the sauce. Some places slather it on and it just becomes overwhelming and can make the crust soggy. Goodfellas puts the right amount of sauce on, enough that with every bite it makes an impact on the flavor profile, but not too much to where the sauce is all over your face.

The sauce is also very well seasoned and not too chunky. I am not a fan of chunky sauce; it is very out of place for a pizza. I want to get texture from the sauce, but I do not want to bite into a big chunk of tomato.

Finally, when I eat pizza I look at the toppings ratio, which is the amount of cheese in comparison to the amount of toppings. I do not want a pizza that has so much cheese that the crust gets weighed down by it, and the same idea goes with the amount of toppings. Pizza should not be weighed down by how much is on top of it, especially if you are prone to dropping food on your clothing, like I am.

Goodfellas has done a really nice job with this. There is enough cheese on it that you get the cheese stretch when you first take a bite, but the toppings do not weigh the pizza down enough to cause toppings like ham, pineapple and peppers to fall all over yourself and your plate.

I do not want to say that Goodfellas has the best pizza I have ever eaten because I have eaten pizza in Italy and nothing will ever compare to that. But I will say that if given the option between a chain restaurant and Goodfellas, I would, without a doubt, pick Goodfellas in a heartbeat.


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