Rambler calls for more TU opinions

by Lyman Stone
Opinion Editor

Recently, the opinion page has suffered from a dearth of writers. We need people with opinions who want to write about them.

The opinion page has gone through some changes this year. Beginning with the “What’s Right” and “What’s Left” columns, it has transitioned to include satire, “Cheers and Jeers” and a continuing presence of editorials, letters to the editor, guest columns, and other pieces.

Finding opinionated writers would seem to be an easy task at Transylvania. It should not be hard to find people with strong opinions and a capacity to express them on our campus. Unfortunately, that task has proved challenging for some time.

Of late, however, the Rambler staff has come to a realization: We weren’t asking the right people for opinions. Many students express strong opinions, implicit or explicit, every week. By participating in organizations, giving philanthropically and attending meetings, we express opinions. Indeed, campus organizations, be they Greek organizations, clubs, sports or officially sponsored groups, form a vital component of our community.

As such, The Rambler would like to extend an invitation, nay, a challenge, to all of our campus organizations: If your organization could recommend one change to how things are done at Transylvania, one change to official policy, or to institutional structure, or to curriculum, … what would it be? What does Transylvania need to change to be better?

We have extended an invitation to the leadership of several organizations already to write a piece, 500 words or less, about what should change at Transylvania. Next week, we will begin running those pieces.

In the meantime, if anyone has submissions you’d like to submit individually, you need only email them to rambler@transy.edu. The most innovative, viable and intriguing proposals will be published here.


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