Mi Mexico receives “three ramens” for hispanic fare

Mi Mexico is a very festive and spacious Mexican restaurant. It has three locations in the Lexington area and one in Georgetown. Here’s a shout-out to my friend Dakota Pelton for taking me to this place, because it was worth the drive. If she hadn’t talked me into going with her one night after work, I never would have ventured to this delicious and inexpensive restaurant.

One of the things I look forward to at a Mexican restaurant is the free chips and salsa. I know that sounds so cheap, but you can honestly tell how authentic a Mexican restaurant is by its chips and salsa.

What I loved about Mi Mexico’s chips and salsa is that the chips were freshly fried; they didn’t taste like they had been sitting out under some heat lamp for an hour or like they were from a bag. Also, the salsa was really fresh and just spicy enough for your taste buds to get a kick of heat, although it was a little cilantro-heavy for me.

Due to my past experiences, if the chips are good, I will gorge myself on them and will usually order off the à la carte menu — just so I don’t order a massive amount of food and end up not eating half of it.

Thus, while at Mi Mexico I stuck to my standard meal: two chicken soft tacos and a side order of rice. The chicken had been simmered with peppers and onions for what seemed like all day, because the chicken just fell apart. It was so tender and well seasoned that I could have eaten a bowl of it alone.

However, one thing that I didn’t like about the taco was that the cheese they used was Monterey Jack. I don’t dislike Monterey Jack cheese, but I would rather have queso fresco if given the option, especially on a chicken taco.

Now let me discuss the rice. I love Mexican-style rice just about as much as I love fried rice. There is something indescribable about Mexican rice that is so delicious, and I want to know what makes it so darn tasty.

What I loved about Mi Mexico’s rice is that they added corn to it. The usual veggie lineup is carrots and peas, but the corn added a nice sweetness to the rice that was unexpected and a surprisingly nice complement.

I know that the college staple for getting Mexican is going to Taco Bell or Qdoba, but honestly, if you want something authentic and delicious, I recommend that you go to Mi Mexico.


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