Campus spirit needs boost

by Stacy Correy
Guest Columnist

Imagine attending a school with countless quality events and an outstanding athletics program. Imagine a school where the education is truly second to none. Imagine a university celebrating over 200 years of excellence. If you are a Transylvania Pioneer, you are part of such a place; you just may not realize it.

Week in and week out, Transy’s student-athletes perform in top-notch competitions. So far this season, the men’s basketball team is nationally ranked No. 18 and off to a 19-2 start (13-1 in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference), while the women’s basketball team is at 11-10 (9-5 in conference).

These two teams continue to impress, but the student section at the Beck Center routinely looks like a ghost town. At the last men’s basketball game, there were a shocking total of eight students present, not including the pep band and workers.

Now is the time for students to start supporting our student-athletes! According to the overflow of sports-related tweets and status updates I see on my social networks, there are numerous sports fans at Transy, yet there are only a handful of devoted fans dedicated enough to venture down the long and tiresome path from the residential side of campus to the Beck Center.

I know that some of you may not be sports fans and that a sporting event may not be your idea of a good time. Consider these events, then, as an opportunity to meet with friends, yell at people you don’t know and just have a good time. With free admission for students and a great atmosphere, what do you have to lose?

As a student with two jobs, I certainly understand that we are a busy student body. I know that many of us work hard at school, only to turn around and go straight to work. Remember, though, that our Transy athletes also attend school, practice daily and play twice a week, sometimes including long road trips.

Transylvania and its students take pride in the high number of Greek life participants on campus. As I understand it and have witnessed at other schools, sorority and fraternity members take pride in being active supporters at athletic events. However, the members of the Greek organizations at Transy rarely show their support for our school and its student-athletes.

I am not at all suggesting that Greek life is solely responsible for the drop in support. I am merely proposing that, with a little effort, Greek life would be able to drastically improve the attendance at sporting events.

These student-athletes represent our student body and everything that is associated with Transy pride. It is the least we can do to come out and support them on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. Bring your books and study if you need to, but let’s give them some of the energy that they are giving our school.

Together we can turn the Beck Center into a place our players love and our opponents fear. With winning programs in place, strong student support may be the only thing left for Transy to take the next step toward national championships.

I challenge each and every Transy student to start showing up to the Beck Center and supporting our teams. Bring a friend or two, and use this as a weekly opportunity to forget about work and school and all of the stress that may be in your life. It is past time for us to show our support not only for our great university but to those student-athletes who do such an outstanding job representing Transylvania.

Go Pioneers, and let’s pack the Beck!


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