Coming (not so) soon to a theater near you!

by Tyler Turcotte
Staff Writer

There’s about to be something new to laugh at on campus thanks to a newly forming organization at Transylvania.

Transy’s new sketch comedy group, appropriately called Silly T Scholars, is the product of co-directors senior Kristen Ballard and sophomore Andrew Traughber. The pair have decided to present Transy with a different form of comedy than what you might have come to expect from Transy’s existing comedy group, ImprompTU.

“The difference is pretty distinct,” Traughber said. “In ImprompTU, we literally make everything up on the spot. No one on stage has any sort of prior knowledge about what’s going to happen. With sketch comedy you have a written script and the jokes are planned. It’s two completely different means to hopefully the same end, laughter.”

Senior Kristen Ballard and sophmore Andrew Traughber inted to represent both faces of drama with their new sketch comedy group, Silly T. Scholars.

Traughber said he has wanted to do a sketch comedy group since he was in high school, but his plans fell apart after his friends all left for college. Since then he has kept a list of characters and sketches that he built over the past few years. Ballard approached him with the intent of potentially starting a sketch comedy group after missing an ImprompTU audition, and the rest is history.

The name Silly T Scholars was chosen from a long list containing names such as Young Morrisons and Transy Night Live. It is based on the Chicago-originating comedy group Second City, which is one of the biggest influences on Silly T Scholars.

In the same way that the name Second City relates to Chicago, which was the second largest city in the United States for most of the 20th century, Silly T Scholars keeps the name close to home and relates directly to the community and the students.

For those with an interest in joining Silly T Scholars, auditions are Feb. 20 and 21 in Coleman Recital Hall at 7:30 p.m. Ballard and Traughber encourage anyone and everyone with any amount of interest to audition.

If you don’t want to act but love to write, script writers are in high demand. If you love to act but don’t feel that comedy would be your sort of thing, audition anyway.

Ballard and Traughber said that anyone with any talent would help the group out. There’s no need to prepare anything specific; the auditions will consist of games designed to expose individual talents. Above all, this is a comedy group; there’s fun to be had no matter what you do!

“Expect a show produced and directed by two students who have never directed anything like this before, but who both have a passion for it,” said Ballard. “It might be comedy. It might be tragedy. Whether you are laughing with us or at us, we hope it will be fun.”

Mark April 1 (yes, April Fool’s Day) on your calendars to come see a different kind of comedy in Little Theater.


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