Edge urges, don’t black-out at Beck Center Blackout

I again want to invite the Transylvania Community to the All Campus Dance this Saturday. For those of you who have not yet heard of the event, the Student Government Association, with virtually all funding coming from the office of the president, will be hosting a dance for the entire Transy community Saturday from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the Beck Center.

Food, nonalcoholic drinks and a chance to win prizes will be provided to all. Transy has not had an event that brings the whole community together in this manner in recent memory, and I have faith that many of you will be at the dance enjoying yourselves.

The rumors that you have heard are true: There will be a cash bar. At this dance, you may purchase alcohol if you are 21, but that does not mean you should do so irresponsibly.

Similar to a sorority or fraternity formal, if you are visibly intoxicated (slurring your words, stumbling, etc.) you will be asked to leave. If you are not 21 and you try to have someone buy you alcohol, sneak alcohol in, etc., you will again be asked to go back to your room. This dance is supposed to be an enjoyable time for all, so please be respectful of state and federal law when attending the function.

As this is a Transy event, no guests will be allowed from outside the community. Students should bring their Crimson Cards to use the swipe system so that they can be entered to win prizes.

Again, please come to the dance and eat as much as you want and dance as long as you want, but make sure that any drinking you do is in moderation. If you do something you regret here, everyone will be there to witness it.

In addition, I want to remind you of two things.

First, the reason we chose this date was because there are two blackout basketball games — where the entire crowd wears black — at 1 and 3 p.m. Saturday. These two groups of individuals have worked very hard and have produced two solid squads, one of which is ranked in the national top 20 for NCAA Division III.

More importantly, Saturday is Senior Day, and the men will be honoring those team members who have given years of tireless service to their program. As an added bonus, SGA will be giving away free koozies at the women’s game and free T-shirts at the men’s game.

Take time to thank an administrator for putting in the effort to make this event happen. As I mentioned, the president’s office funded almost the entire event, so clearly without its support this would not even be possible.

Many others have been working behind the scenes for weeks to see that this event goes smoothly as possible. They include Dean of Students Michael Vetter, Vice President for Finance and Business Marc Mathews, Director of Athletics Jack Ebel, Greek Affairs Coordinator Amy Jo Gabel, Director of Fitness and Wellness Ashley Hinton-Moncer, Director of Student Activities Diane Fout, the physical plant, the Department of Public Safety, junior Hannah Johnson, SGA, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and a slew of others.

So, wear black to the games on Saturday and come back that night for the dance — but remember to drink responsibly.


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