Cheers to the Greek Week committee for all of its efforts, but …

Jeers to a general lack of attendance at the events throughout the week and weekend. Not the best showing.

Cheers to the Transylvania men’s basketball team for securing home-court advantage throughout the conference tournament. Be sure and make it out to support the team as it strives to make the NCAA tournament.

Jeers to the entrance to Back Circle. While the prospect of bottoming out ensures that a large portion of the student population remains within the Bubble, it is occasionally necessary to leave campus and it would be nice to be able to do so smoothly.

Cheers to the Student Government Association for the Beck Blackout, and cheers to the student body for its strong attendance. It was also nice to see that much of the student body fit the theme very well.

Jeers to the price of a meal in the cafeteria. This is obviously not an issue for everyone with a meal plan, but for those without one, $7 seems a bit ridiculous.

Cheers to the Senior Week committee for a successful 101 Days Until Graduation night, kicking off the beginning of the end for all of us elderly folk.

Jeers to Valentine’s Day-themed statuses. Are you trying to convince everyone else of your happiness or trying to convince yourself? On the other end of the spectrum, a status about your loathing of the holiday comes off just as bitter.

Jeers to the tissue pulling competition at the Greek Olympics. Although it was an entertaining event overall, that particular competition seemed rather unusual and excessively wasteful.

Cheers to the recently added politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) major. It’s just a shame that it didn’t come along sooner.


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