Guy finds niche with basketball

by Abby Ferguson
Sports Editor

Many organizations and teams rely on their behind-the-scenes personnel to make the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

For the men’s and women’s basketball teams, sophomore Kim Guy is just the person that makes these things happen. Guy is in her second year of managing Transylvania basketball and has already made an impact.

For the past two years sophmore Kim Guy has managed both the men's and women's basketball teams. her hard work and dedication to the basketball programs has gained her respect among coaches and players.

“Kim is an integral part of our team,” said head basketball coach Brian Lane. “She has a passion for what she does, and it shows every day that she comes to practice or a game. She always anticipates what needs to be done and gives everything she has to our team.”

Guy has also made an impression on the women’s team during her time spent with them.

“She’s a very consistent young lady that has been great for both men’s and women’s basketball programs,” said head coach Greg Todd. “We would have a hard time without her because she’s such a big part of both of our programs.”

“She’s a positive influence on our team and we can count on her to always have a smile on her face,” said junior Terra Lucas. “Our team loves having her around and we always joke about how she should just be our manager instead of the guys’.”

Guy understands her job and knows that she is there to aid in any way she can.

“The players’ and coaches’ jobs are to win the game,” said Guy. “My job is to do everything that helps them accomplish that.”

The players have seen Guy grow and consider her to be more than just their manager.

“She was quiet at the beginning of last year, but she has opened up more this season and is just a part of this team as any of the rest of us. … She is like a sister to all of us,” said senior men’s basketball captain Chris Owens.

Guy agreed that basketball has given her an opportunity to grow in certain areas of her life.

“(Managing) basketball allows me to get out of my shell a little bit,” said Guy.

Basketball has taught Guy practical lessons and given her opportunities to support in other ways.

“It’s taught me dedication and responsibility,” said Guy. “There may be a conflict with the coaches or players or whatever, but if you can just be there you can help support.”

Throughout her experience, Guy has come to the realization that her job is not about her.

“I’m not the center; it’s not about me, it’s about the players. I get to step aside for the players,” said Guy.

Managing the basketball programs has given Guy a special outlet that not many get to experience.

“Before every game I follow the coaches onto the court. It’s this feeling of peace, knowing that I may have some family problems at home or stress from school, but it goes away right before the game. I’m in the zone,” said Guy. “It’s this amazing feeling knowing that it’s not about you.”

“She takes great pride in managing our team and is one of the best we have had,” Lane said.


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