Morlan exhibit evokes memoires

by Sarah Allison
Staff Writer

Cherished memories of a bygone past can trigger emotions from anyone. The song behind a first kiss, the smell of chocolate chip cookies or a photo that will never be forgotten can have this effect.

"Enigmatic Rememberances: New Work by Petra Carroll and Rae Goodwin" focuses on memories.

“Enigmatic Remembrances: New Work by Petra Carroll and Rae Goodwin” has recently opened in Morlan Gallery. The opening reception was Feb. 17, during which the artists participated in a demonstration of performance art. Faculty, students and the public attended this event to see for themselves the theme of memories.

This opening coincided with the Lexington Gallery Hop, and this exhibit will last until March 23.

This exhibit is based on different visuals and mediums such as dance, photography, sculpture and drawing. The prevalent theme of the collection is puzzle pieces. Most of the art pieces feature them, and sometimes puzzle pieces are attached directly to the walls. The art may be evoke nostalgic memories as the viewer recalls childhood days of putting puzzles together or the excitement of learning something new.

“The premise of the exhibition,” said gallery director Andrea Fisher, “is examining the power our memories have to commandeer our perceptions and how elastic our memories really are. The resulting work takes on a variety of media … such as puzzle sculptures and two- and three-dimensional mixed media that are site-specific and transform the gallery space.”

Both artists responsible for this exhibit are Kentuckians. Goodwin is Lexington-based and works as a director for foundations at the University of Kentucky. Carroll is an assistant professor of art at the University of Pikeville.

The artists describe their work as rendering memory lane. As time goes on, memories that are created change with various experiences, and the perception of the events changes as well.

A large portion of the artists’ technique is providing the viewer with an atmosphere conducive to reflection, both of the viewer’s life and of the object in front of him or her. Each person may conjure up a different emotion or memory related to the object, be it an open book with falling puzzle pieces,

The photo above shows just one of many sculptures being highlighted for this exhibition in Transy's Morlan Gallery.

paper cutouts of bed frames or an elaborate puzzle framed on the wall. It could take meaning as a memory or a metaphor for a viewer.

The artists depict memories by placing the sculpture or dramatic interpretations in surreal ways. The balance between memories and the sense of place is felt in this exhibit. The mind has to dig deeper to find a memory from its past. It is an artistic interpretation of a time capsule, a show for the abstract mind and the nostalgic heart.

Venture into memories long forgotten by exploring the show. The startling moments where memories of a forgotten past come alive are found in enigmatic remembrances.

If you’re so inclined, also consider coming to the art talk held on March 8 in Morlan Gallery from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. Each artist will talk about her work and the collaborative effort involved in the project.


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