Recycle+ educates dorm to dorm

by Tyler Baker
Staff Writer

College life can be stressful. A 6 o’clock meeting here, another one at 8:30, and if there’s time, dinner can fit in somewhere along the way. With Transy’s newest volunteer project, Recycle+, you decide when and where.

Recycle+ is a volunteer project where students conduct sustainability inventories in faculty and staff offices and in student housing. By following the instructions on a well-guided inventory sheet, students can go “dorm to dorm,” so to speak, and help create a more sustainable environment while educating their neighbors on how to do the same.

The program offers the flexibility to stay involved and volunteer without feeling overwhelmed.

“Recycle+ allows students to participate on their own terms,” said Angela Dossett, Transylvania’s sustainability coordinator. “There is no set time or place. If it’s midnight and you want to take an inventory and someone is awake, go for it.”

Dossett went on to explain the program’s purpose.

“The mission of Recycle+ is to get students to have one-on-one conversations about sustainability (and to) get more people aware of sustainable living,” Dossett said.

Recycle+ came into existence last year as a replacement for RecycleMania, a program in which residence halls competed with one another to see who could recycle the most items. Dossett said the change was made because a new program was needed to “expand outreach for sustainability” and “to educate people more on being sustainable.”  Recycle+ allows for students to touch on “both recycling and sustainability while participating at the pace of their choice,” she said.

Along with extensive goals, the program offers many incentives to participants. By volunteering time, you can win prizes ranging from Fro-Jo’s for you and four friends to a romantic dinner for two of up to $75.

Even if volunteering to take inventory is still too hectic for your schedule, you can volunteer to be “inventoried.” By simply participating in the inventory process, both students and staff have the opportunity to win the same prizes as those who take inventory by being entered into a drawing.

To get involved, email Dossett at to schedule a 15-minute appointment for her to explain the process in detail so you can be better prepared to talk about sustainability. After that, the rest of the program is up to the volunteer.

“Recycle+ is a great way to get involved, to help educate others on sustainability and a painless way to earn prizes” said Dossett.

Last year, 110 students were involved with the program. This year, Dossett hopes to bring the number involved to 150 — a number that Transy students could easily surpass.

College life can be stressful, but making a difference when it’s best for you can fit in somewhere along the way.


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