SGA President Platforms

Charli Fant

Hello Transylvania! As you have hopefully heard by now, I am running for the office of student body president. I know many of you well, but for those I don’t know as well, here’s a brief spiel about me.

I am a junior biology major who plays basketball for the Pioneers. I am an indy, the resident adviser in Thomson Hall, and have been a member of SGA since my first year on campus. During my time on SGA, I’ve served as treasurer and am currently serving as vice president. The greatest contribution I have made to campus so far was to chair a committee that removed the current visitation policy on campus in favor of a 24/7 policy that will go into effect in August of 2012.

But that’s enough of what I have done and what I have been. Here’s what I plan on achieving as student body president. First, I will expand both the financial and cooperative support of SGA for other student organizations. Second, I will review other policies on campus in order to make them more reflective of realistic expectations and practices. Third, I will create a more discussion-friendly environment between senators and fellow students through the reinstatement of SGA office hours.

If there exists a common theme to these three highlighted goals, it is that I want SGA to become more than an event-planning organization. I desire that it use its resources to listen and respond to student body needs and ideas. While this position does not come with unlimited time, money or power, I can promise to devote as much of myself as possible to both accomplishing my goals for this university and helping to accomplish yours.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Please vote Charli Fant for student body president!


Andrew Goff

In my three short years at Transylvania, I have made it my main objective to ensure that the Transylvania Student Government Association is truly that, an organization of students for students.

Since the fall of 2009, I have dedicated myself to the service of the Student Government Association in various capacities, from senator to vice president. My desire to serve the student body and provide my fellow Pioneers with a voice on campus was the impetus for my decision to run for president of this organization that I care about so much. I believe that I possess the skills necessary to serve as president of the Student Government Association and lead in a manner that benefits everyone at Transylvania, allowing each and every student to shape the face of our university.

In my previous term at Transylvania, I was elected by my colleagues on the Student Government Association to the position of academic affairs committee chair. In this capacity, I served as the student liaison between the student body and the administration. As such, I was fortunate enough to work with the administration, students and staff to ensure that the student body’s academic concerns were addressed and dealt with by the powers that be on our campus.

Unfortunately, I was only able to serve in this capacity for one term, as I am currently interning for a member of Parliament in London for my term abroad. One of the hardest parts of this entire process has been being removed from the organization that I have devoted myself to serving since I arrived at Transylvania some two and half years ago.

As president, I will make sure that the Student Government Association is as transparent and efficient as ever. My main focus will be to continue promoting the needs and opinions of the student body. My leadership roles across campus, good rapport with the administration and relationships with faculty will enable me to ensure that the voice of the student body is heard and taken seriously. I would certainly appreciate your support in the coming election. Thank you!


Hannah D. Johnson

I have been on SGA for three years and have been on the executive council for two, serving first as public relations chair and then student affairs committee chair. With this position, I was in charge of the Beck Blackout and All-Campus Dance, which was a first for Transy. Through this, I have communicated and worked closely with the office of the president, dean of students, Department of Public Safety, Campus Recreation, Sodexo, physical plant, Greek life and more.

My experience in planning this event will help me to plan similar events in the future if elected president, and I hope to have two per year in an effort to increase school spirit, unity and pride. One of my goals for another large event on campus is to have an outdoor concert with a fairly well-known band that would be open to the community.

I hope to involve SGA in supporting proposals for academic changes. An example would be to have more lenient policies on class absences when a student is representing the university in some capacity such as an athlete.

Besides instituting my own ideas for the student body, I am very committed to including others in making these decisions. Therefore, I hope to make SGA a more accessible organization that involves all students. To do this, I would like to institute SGA office hours to be more receptive to student concerns. Because I represent several groups on campus through my involvement with Greek life, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, being a student orientation leader, Alternative Winter Break and campus service in general, I feel I am able to bring groups together in this representative organization. Overall, I am a good fit for this position because of my experience, my commitment to bringing Transylvania students together and the fact that I do what I say I will do.


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