Wear a hoodie today for Trayvon

Dear Editor,

In a recent shooting, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black male, was killed by George Zimmerman, 28, who was part of the neighborhood watch.

This all began with Zimmerman saw Martin walking down the street with his hood up at a very late hour in the evening. Zimmerman saw him as “suspicious” and contacted the police. The police directly asked Zimmerman if he was following Martin and Zimmerman replied yes. The police then gave him the order to stop following Martin and head home.

After disregarding the police, Zimmerman proceeded to follow Martin, which led to a physical confrontation resulting in Martin’s death. Zimmerman has not been charged of any murder or crime in claim of “self-defense.” Martin’s intentions were to get candy at a convenient store for him and his brother when he was shot to death.

Last Sunday, a New York City church called a Wear Hoodie Day for Trayvon Martin to show that wearing a hoodie does not have any implications of being a criminal or someone of danger and that justice must be served.

As a part of the Foundation of the Liberal Arts II section of Racism in the United States: Then and Now, I would like to hold a Wear Hoodie Day for Trayvon Martin to show that racial discrimination is very much a part of our current society and that justice should be served. Wearing your hood up or having a certain skin color does not define who you are, and in this case it appears that race was the leading cause.

If possible, I would like this to take place on April 5 in hopes that a majority of the student body will participate. This is an important cause to me and the fellow students in my class, and it would be wonderful if the Transy community would stand with us. Thank you.

-Hayley Mansur ’15


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