Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to everyone who played a role in the production of the Silly T. Scholars comedy show. It was a highly entertaining event.

Jeers to running out of bonus points on your Crimson Card. I realize that this isn’t an issue for some, if not most, but for all of those who enjoy frequent visits to Jazzman’s and the 1780 Café, it is a very real tragedy.

Cheers to the Keeneland Spring Meet that began this past weekend. If you haven’t been able to make it out yet, I would highly recommend it; as a current resident in the state of Kentucky, you are obligated to experience it at least once. On another Kentucky note, …

Cheers to No. 1-ranked recruit Nerlens Noel (and his flattop) for signing to play basketball for the University of Kentucky next year. Thankfully, the state has a replacement for both Anthony Davis and his unibrow. However, …

Jeers to No. 2-ranked recruit Shabazz Muhammad for thinking that the University of California at Los Angeles is a better place for him to hone his basketball skills. However, the joke will be on him when he realizes that forest fire concerns prevent couch burnings out there. John Calipari always gets the last laugh.

Cheers to the acceptance of failure by Rick Santorum. Political affiliations and beliefs aside, no one who brings a dead child home from the hospital should be allowed to run our country. (And I’m not making that up — it was in The Economist.)

Cheers to sophomore Clay Hinton, senior Chris Bloch and first-year Elizabeth Young for earning Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Week honors in golf, baseball and softball, respectively.

Jeers to finals week, but …

Cheers to May term. (I realize these are both painfully uncreative, but I felt they were valid nonetheless.)


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