Drunk driver crashes on Broadway

Tyler Baker

Staff Writer

It turns out the power outage that took Transylvania students by surprise Sunday night and again early Monday morning had more to its story than a night without power.

At 10:15 p.m. Sunday night a red, 1998 Toyota crashed into the power line pole between Forrer Hall and the International House on North Broadway. When Department of Public Safety officers arrived at the scene, the driver of the car had fled the accident, but the story has just begun.

Lt. Brian Miller of Transy’s DPS described the events that took place before and after the accident.

“The driver of the car was going down Broadway drunk and struck the pole,” said Miller. “Witnesses said the man then left the vehicle and proceeded to walk towards Clay Hall, and DPS began to patrol the area looking for him.”

The man who crashed was 29-year-old David Vest of Lexington. Vest, who has been charged with a DUI before, was described as a white male wearing a dark shirt, dark hat and shorts.

“Ten minutes later a call came out (to police) from a pay phone at the Rally’s on Georgetown Street, and the caller said that he was robbed, beaten up and his ’98 Toyota was stolen,” said Miller. “We then realized that the guy at Rally’s met the description of the man who left the scene of the accident.”

The man who wrecked the car didn’t want to receive a DUI, so he walked to the payphone by Rally’s and made a phone call giving his false story.

“(Vest) said he was robbed in Castlewood, which is two miles from the pay phone he made the call to the police from,” said Miller. “We knew his story was false.”

Vest was charged with leaving the scene of a crime, DUI and possession of narcotics.

Sunday also delivered another turn of events: an early morning power outage. Between 2 and 6 a.m. the power in Forrer Hall, Rosenthal Residence Complex, Poole Residence Center and the Campus Center was turned off to fix the damaged pole.

Senior April Myers, a resident of Rosenthal, was unexpectedly affected by the power outage.

“I had to spend the night in the computer lab in Forrer because I was working on an Excel document and I didn’t save it on any other computer before the power went out,” said Myers. “It was a last-minute project that I was expecting to finish by 3 (a.m.), but instead I had to spend the power outage in the dark waiting to get my project off the computer.”

Miller explained how the power outage began.

“The crew had to turn off the power so they wouldn’t be electrocuted,” said Miller. “The problem was that the crews didn’t alert Transy that they were turning the power off.”

By the time students arose Monday morning to go to classes the accident was cleared, the pole was replaced and the power had returned, but Miller expressed his hope that Transy students learned a lesson from the event.

“Drinking and driving is not safe. There were people on the sidewalk where the accident happened that could have been hit, and the culprit would be looking at manslaughter charges and 20 years in prison.”


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