Grace Notes goes solo

Holly Brown

A&E Editor

A year after forming, Transylvania University’s women’s a cappella group, Grace Notes, will host its first solo concert at 8 p.m. April 30 in the Campus Center gym.

“The repertoire is mostly pop (and) jazz, and we’re super excited to finally have our own concert,” said sophomore Ashley Keating, the group’s founder.

“I honestly expect that it is going to be great! We’ve been putting so much work into this music, and I really feel like we have a great sound,” said first-year Rebecca Keith.

The group has been planning the concert since the beginning of the term, and its members seem to have found that such efforts have enhanced their musical efforts.

“It’s been really good for us to have a goal to work toward; it’s helped us make a lot of progress this semester,” said senior Jessie McIntyre.

“I would definitely say that having a show has influenced our workload this semester — and I’m so happy about it. This is all about challenging ourselves so we can really shine and showing people that yes, we can do this!” said Keith.

The group also hopes that a solo concert will add to its image within the campus community.

“The group is still evolving as far as trying to develop an image on campus. When people hear a cappella, they think TBA (Transy Boys a Cappella). We hope to make the group more memorable with this concert,” said senior Robin Kunkel.

Another way the group plans to prepare is by performing at a Lexington Legends game April 17.

“I expect the show will be a great opportunity to get feedback from the audience, since we’ll be performing a range of styles,” said Kunkel.

While Keating didn’t want to give away the entire concert repertoire, she mentioned that the group will be performing “1,000 Miles,” “The Way I Am” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Besides Keating, Keith, Kunkel and McIntyre, current Grace Notes members include juniors Molly Crain and Katelyn Shouse; sophomores Macy Gould, Meghan Johnson, Sarah Tatum and Emma Yetter; and first-years Rachel Boden and Kelsey DeBord.

While the concert will primarily feature Grace Notes, some guest acts are expected. These include TBA, sophomore Ryan Anderson, first-year Luke Gnadinger and, tentatively, the Divastators.

“It’s going to be fun and relaxed, not like a typical show,” said McIntyre.

What should the audience look forward to?

“Popcorn and music,” said Keith. “For free. I mean, really, what’s not to love?”


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