SGA treasurer election: Round Three

Holly Brown

A&E Editor

Although students have voted twice already to decide next year’s Student Government Association treasurer, the winner is still unknown.

In last week’s runoff election, there was a perfect tie between sophomores Jordan Perkins and Ashley Carter for this position.

This comes after junior Wes Becker was eliminated from the running in the first round of voting, leaving neither Carter nor Perkins with a majority.

Because of the rarity of such an event, senior Josh Edge, the current SGA president, had to dig through the SGA bylaws to figure out how to handle the situation.

“It certainly is not something that happens typically,” said Edge.

According to the bylaws, the election must be opened up to new candidates, but only those who are already members of SGA. All eligible students must turn their petition to run into Edge by this Friday.

After new candidates have had a chance to enter the race, a third election will be held. This voting, according to Edge, will occur at some point during finals week. Students eligible to vote can keep an eye on their inboxes, where a survey link will be sent.


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