Athlete of the Year: Lucy Wright

Taylor Deaton

Staff Writer

Candidate for Graduation Lucy Wright isn’t the average student-athlete.

While many in her shoes specialize in one sport, Wright applies the liberal arts to athletics and excels in various activities.

It’s a hard sell, the expectancy of a singular athlete to truly excel at a trifecta of different competitions, but Wright’s results this season speak for themselves.

Candidate for graduation Lucy Wright has shown leadership through her strong performance both on and off the track.

“Lucy is one of the smaller girls on the team, but she makes up for it with hard work and dedication. Instead of using her size as a crutch or excuse, it seems to motivate her to work even harder. I respect her ability to stay humble, even when she is clearly the best female field athlete in the conference,” said rising sophomore track member Chip Clark.

That work ethic has seen Wright turn in gradually better performances throughout the season. The culmination of this hard work was her performance at the recent Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Track and Field Conference Championship. Wright was the only Transylvania athlete, male or female, to win an event, taking first prize in the shotput with a personal best distance of 12.79 meters.

“I can’t simply do something and be happy with it; I have to know in my heart I gave 110% or I will be disappointed. I may not have the most talent in my events in track but I make up for it in my dedication to use my potential to the fullest. Also, I am a forward thinker. I may have had a great meet or achievement but I know I can do better,” Wright said.

This effort, as well as her other two events, saw Wright put her squad on her back, earning 17 of the women’s team’s total 19 points.

Honoring such a monumental effort, the HCAC named Wright to its end of season All-Conference team.

“Lucy led by example. She was never complacent with her successes, she always strived to get stronger and improve her technique. She worked extremely hard to achieve her goals, and that work didn’t go unnoticed. Seeing an older member demonstrate that type of work ethic shows me what I need to do in my four years here to reach my own goals. She was an outstanding role model for myself and the rest of the team,” said rising sophomore Daniel Lyvers.


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