Brock embodies editor-in-chief lifestyle

Gary Deaton

Guest Columnist

THIS IS THE LAST ISSUE OF THE RAMBLER!  OK, so it’s not really the last issue

ever, but it is the end of an era, an important and crucial period in the long history of our campus newspaper; this is the final edition that will say “Erin Brock, Editor-in-Chief” (EIC).  It will not, however, be the last we will hear of Erin, nor the last time this moniker will apply to the way she lives her life.  Quality EICs are special people with superb talents and Erin Brock is that and so much more.

Candidate for graduation Erin Brock will attend Miami University, located in Oxford, Ohio, in the fall to begin work on her M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition.

First, EICs should be great writers.  Erin has proven in many contexts and for many purposes that she deserves this descriptor.  Perhaps most immediately relevant, the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association (KIPA) awarded her with the Top Sports Column Award for 2012.  The Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) also recognized Erin’s skills by selecting her WRC Senior Seminar paper, an in-depth analysis of the internal, external, and architectural rhetoric of a Muslim sect in West Chester, Ohio, for inclusion in their Undergraduate Honors Conference in San Antonio this spring.  Additionally, Business Lexington magazine was so impressed by Erin during her internship that they continue to hire her as a freelance writer.  In fact, the cover article in the May 25 edition will be Erin’s work.

Erin, like all good EICs, is not only focused on maximizing the present moment, but also always looking to the future.  In keeping with her optimistic outlook and opulent personality, Erin’s future forecast is sunny and bright!  In fall of 2012, Erin will begin her work toward an M.A. in Composition and Rhetoric at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (after rejecting offers from Purdue, Carnegie-Mellon, and others).  Better yet, Miami is paying her to be there!  Erin will begin her teaching career during this graduate experience, instructing first-year composition students.  Eventually, Erin plans to earn a Ph.D. and become a faculty member at a liberal arts college (Public Service Announcement:  Hey, Transylvania!  Keep this in mind!).

EICs also need to be broadly educated and multiply interested.  While we hope all Transylvania students could be so described, these are particularly apt descriptors for Erin.  In May, Erin will receive degrees in both English and WRC.  She has worked as a Writing Center consultant (a role she will continue at Miami as part of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence).  She has done research with faculty members.  She has team-taught with Transy teachers as well.  Erin was also a four year member of the golf team, despite having not played the last two years of her time in high school. “I didn’t like my coach in high school, and I didn’t enjoy the company of the girls on the team, so it didn’t seem like a good investment of my time, but college golf has been the complete opposite; I love my teammates and Coach Turner has been great,” Erin said.

Apparently, Erin has also been good for both her teammates and her opponents as she was chosen to the Heartland College Athletic Conference All-Conference Sportsmanship Team this year.  Even in journalism, Erin has shown her diverse interests and talents, having been a copy editor, a multi award-winning design editor, an opinion editor in high school, and an editor-in-chief for both her high school paper, Voice, and The Rambler.

Finally, “Editor-in Chief” means you have to be the ideal combination of authority figure, empathic friend, public relations expert, master motivator, organizational guru, and communication expert.  The Rambler has certainly benefitted from the fact that Erin Brock is all of the above (as exemplified by the 30 KIPA awards they received this year, including 11 first-place awards for Erin and her colleagues).  More importantly, Transylvania has been tremendously bettered by the fact that Erin chose to make her first move from Lakota West High School in our direction.  Those of us who have been in Erin’s presence are humbler for it, those of us who shared a classroom with her are better educated because of it, and those of us who have really gotten to know her are much happier thanks to Erin.

So, no, this is not the end of The Rambler.  But no matter how much confidence we have in next year’s staff, we friends and fans of Erin Brock can be forgiven for despairing a little bit (for a time anyway).  But we can all take heart by remembering that, for Erin, “Editor-in-Chief” is not so much a title as a way of life.


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