Rambler announces ’12-’13

Staff Report

Rising senior Jacob Hawkins has been named the new editor-in-chief of The Rambler, the student newspaper of Transylvania University in production since 1915.

Hawkins, a Writing, Rhetoric and Communication (WRC) major, has worked on the newspaper staff since the start of his college career, first as staff writer, then as news editor and served this year as the paper’s managing editor.

Serving with Hawkins is fellow rising senior and WRC major Molly Crain. Crain, who was the paper’s news editor for most of this year, has also served as a columnist for the paper.

Both Hawkins and Crain were selected from a cross-departmental committee of faculty and staff. The committee included Publications Writer and Editor Bill Bowden, Instructor in WRC Martha Gehringer, Digital Recruitment Coordinator Laura Rudolph, and outgoing editor-in-chief and candidate for graduation Erin Brock.

Student Media Adviser Terri McLean facilitated the interviews, but did not have a voice in the final decision of The Rambler’s top two positions.

“I am absolutely confident that Jake and Molly will carry on The Rambler tradition in great form,” McLean said. “They had a great role model in Erin this year, plus they’ve both immersed themselves in every phase of production this year.”

Hawkins and Crain worked together to set the editor staff for next year, interviewing dozens of candidates to select the final staff.

Rising junior Scarlett Blevins will lead the campus life page, rising senior Cory Collins will serve as sports editor, and rising junior Ameka Menes will serve as the editor of the Arts and Entertainment section.

Current designer for The Rambler and rising sophomore Rachel Smith has been promoted to design editor.

Finally, rising sophomore Emily Martin will be the opinion editor and will also serve alongside Hawkins and Crain in the paper’s editorial board, the group of newspaper staff that guides the editorials and official stances of The Rambler.

“Of the positions we were able to fill, I am really confident,” said Hawkins. “We’ve got a good mix of experience amongst the editors we picked, and we will all complement each other well.”

The positions of news editor and photo editor, however, remain vacant and applications are still being accepted for those positions.

“These positions are paramount to the function of the paper, and I hope someone in the campus community can step up and apply,” Hawkins added. “Without staff, the paper simply wouldn’t be able to function.”

Also vacant is the position of Student Media Adviser, after McLean announced her resignation to devote more time to her position of news editor of KYForward.com, the new web-only community newspaper in Lexington.

“I’m leaving with mixed feelings, but I know that Transy is committed to filling the position and further helping students strengthen their voice on campus,” McLean said.


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