SAB to sponsor Holi festival

Erica Clark

Campus Life Editor

On a campus like Transylvania University, stumbling upon an event or an organization promoting unity or equality is no difficult task. On May 16 from 3 to 5 p.m. in Back Circle, you may have a chance to promote these things in a way you’ve never done  before.

This May Term, Transy is having its very own Holi celebration – a Hindu tradition in which participants throw brightly colored powder (and in other cases, perfume) at one another in order to observe the new season of spring and the passing of winter.

“The meaning behind it is to make everyone equal and to bring everyone together as one,” said rising junior Casey McBride, president of the Transy Student Activities Board (SAB) which is funding the event.

Though the festival is held in March, for the purposes of free time and a higher attendance number, SAB decided to hold the event during May Term. Their vision is that the celebration will do the same for the community at Transy.

“It will bring together people from all different organizations, such as different sororities, fraternities, or organizations,” McBride said.

SAB bought 350 packets of a variety of different colored chalks of reds, blues, pinks and yellows for the students to use on the day of the event from local Indian grocery store, Rahul Food and Spices, located on Euclid Ave. The gathering will be filled with Indian music in the background.

During the first round, everyone in attendance will receive a pack of colored chalk powder and then throw it at everyone at their own liberty. The rounds will be repeated as often as needed.

“We are also going to have sprinklers and hoses to get the powder off and to also enhance the color,” said McBride.

The colors are all natural so they will not stain the grass, and will be washed away with the rain.

“I’m excited because everyone else seems super pumped about it,” said rising junior Garret Gabriel who brought the idea to Transy. “Any opportunity to broaden cultural horizons while having a blast is something you don’t want to miss.”


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