‘Rambler’ vows to continuously improve

by Jake Hawkins

The Rambler is an important, integral part of the Transylvania community. We bring news to your attention, ask important people important questions, highlight outstanding organizations, and, on the opinion page, weigh in on important campus issues in an effort to provoke further thought.

We can always be better.

We have a talented, diverse staff representing multiple majors and many backgrounds. They work every day to plan, interview, write, research and edit. We meet often to hash out ideas and capitalize on our team synergy.

We could use more people.

In the past, we’ve broke stories to you about land acquisitions, administrative transitions, new programs and more.

We’ve missed some leads.

At The Rambler, we epitomize the spirit of ‘kaizen,’ a Japanese concept of continuous improvement and change for the better. Every year, every semester and every issue our biggest goal is to improve. To get better. Without a journalism program, we’re self taught and self driven. We learn by doing, asking and reading.

We want to learn more.

We’re challenged, as students of the liberal arts, to connect and integrate knowledge and to question everything. What better medium to put the liberal arts in practice than journalism?! Throughout the year, we’ll strive to ask important people important questions, tell engaging stories, highlight unique events and inform you of vital information. Every story you read in The Rambler will be accurate, relevant and engaging. If something goes wrong, we’ll take swift action to correct it.

We absolutely guarantee that.

We are a student newspaper at heart, and for this heart to beat we absolutely have to have more students. We need a large, versatile staff of writers and photographers to keep stories printing. Being on staff is a valuable experience that teaches many skills, and it is an absolute blast.

We love what we do.

We also need your input. We have a Facebook, we have a website, and we have an opinion page. For The Rambler to exist, we need you to ‘Ramble On’ and contribute to all of these. Is there an important story that you think we missed? Tell us. Are you angry about the way people at Transy treat a certain issue? Use The Rambler as a medium for your voice. Ultimately, The Rambler will be what students make it, what we make it. We are limited by the passion of our student body, our kryptonite is your apathy.

Help us make The Rambler a true pioneer in student journalism.


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