SGA Vice President Platforms

Kayarash Karimian

The Student Government Association has been one of the most meaningful organizations to which I have committed myself during my two years at Transy. My main incentive for having participated in SGA thus far is and will always be to express the opinions of students to improve the campus environment that we live in — both socially and academically.

As last term’s treasurer of SGA, I worked with many students to fund new organizations at Transy and helped them attend various national conferences. As the current academic affairs chair, I have been working to initiate Transylvania’s first intercollegiate research symposium (taking place Saturday) to allow students an opportunity to share their academic interests with the Transylvania community and other liberal arts colleges of Kentucky.

All in all, these experiences are what have encouraged me to run for the position of vice president. If I were to be elected to the position, I would seek to bring distinguished and innovative people to our campus — for example, through planning a TEDx event for Transy. I would also like to continue conversation with faculty and staff at Transy to discuss improving the overall student experience as we work towards becoming one of the leading liberal arts universities — specifically by expanding opportunities for the arts.

Lastly, as vice president I will continue to focus on student life topics, such as the new curfew policy that will be implemented next year, and communicate the interests and opinions of the student body with the administration. As Pioneers, we are all capable of carving our own paths, and with your support I hope to provide more platforms and opportunities for students to transcend their perceived limitations on Transylvania’s campus.

Cody Kirby

Hello fellow Transylvanians. I am Cody Kirby, a junior political science major, and I am pursuing the office of vice president of the Student Government Association. I have served as a senator for the past three years and am the current public relations chair. Serving on the executive council this year as the PR chair has given me the experience and qualifications that I feel have prepared me for a larger position such as vice president.

I am involved in many campus activities. I serve as my fraternity’s parliamentarian and vice president of Phi Alpha Delta (Transy’s pre-law fraternity), and I have participated in numerous Student Activities Board meetings. I actively helped in preparing for Beck Blackout and would love to help bring many more unifying activities like this on campus throughout the year.

This year, SGA has re-evaluated the curfew policy, and I believe that we should focus on other issues as well in the future. Specifically, I know there has been a lot of dissatisfaction with the energy policy and the air conditioning controversy. I would like to help be a voice between the student body and the administration when issues like this arise. If elected as vice president of SGA, I would do my best to serve in the interest of the student body. Elections are online this year, so the turnout is expected to be much larger. I encourage each and every one of you to take a few minutes to vote on election day, and in the process I would really appreciate your votes. Thank you for your time and remember Kirby for vice president of SGA when voting!


SGA Treasurer Platforms

Wes Becker

I am running for treasurer of the Student Government Association because I believe SGA should be more available to the students on campus. It is important for students and organizations on Transylvania’s campus to know how to submit a funding request. The money SGA receives every year is for the use of the students, so all people and organizations needing funds should be able to easily send in requests. It would be my goal as Treasurer to make sure the fund request process is more available to students.

I am an accounting major and I served as treasurer for Delta Sigma Phi in 2011-2012, so I am experienced in collecting and recording funds. I know I can do a proficient job as SGA treasurer by making funding requests more available to the students and organizations that need them.

Ashley Carter

I have loved serving Transy’s student government this year as both a senator and the constitution chair. However, I’m also very excited for the opportunity to move into a more significant leadership role within student government, and I feel that treasurer would be an excellent position for me. As a current member of the executive council, I have prior experience with the way that SGA works to serve Transy students and am prepared for the time commitment that it takes.

As constitution chair, I am also very familiar with the procedures of student government and, more specifically, with how SGA funds student organizations and what types of requests we’re allowed to fund. Treasurer is a position that takes time, organization and responsibility, and I feel that I’m ready to commit to the job. All of my experiences at Transy have made me very excited to serve on student government, and I would love the chance to serve Transy as the SGA treasurer.

Jordan Perkins

For the past term I have served as the Student Government treasurer and would like to continue serving Transylvania University with the position. With such a late start, it was initially difficult to adjust to the new position while still keeping the budget in balance. Now that I have learned how the position is intended to work and the logistics behind it, I believe that I will be a valuable asset to the Student Government Association.

In addition, my ideas for improving the treasurer position will enhance Transylvania’s student body immensely. I plan to work with the administration to secure a credit card, or another way of making purchases, so that transactions for events such as Beck Blackout are completed promptly.

I also would like to develop a more efficient system for submitting and processing funding requests. There has been confusion this year about the funding request process, which is troubling due to the fact that it is one of the most important things that the Student Government Association offers to Transylvania’s student body. I plan on updating the form to prevent confusion, while keeping organizations informed as to what can and cannot be funded by the Student Government Association. I will personally address any other questions that the organizations might have regarding funding and finances. This will in turn reduce the time that organizations have to go without the money that the Student Government Association has approved.

SGA Secretary Platforms

Blake Atkinson

“My name is Blake Atkinson, and I’m running for the position of secretary. I’m a rising senior, with significant experience on SGA. I’ve been fortunate enough to hold a position on the academic affairs committee and student affairs committee and have been elected to the curriculum planning committee. I’ve also played roles in organizing the student art contest and Beck Blackout.

I believe that my experience with multiple facets of SGA has prepared me for fulfilling the duties of SGA secretary. I am a worthy candidate to handle responsibilities such as taking attendance, sending emails and organizing documents because I have kept a consistent attendance record throughout my time as senator, and I have demonstrated my commitment to the organization by volunteering for tasks and putting forth substantial effort.

As SGA secretary, I would have valuable input to the decisions of the SGA executive council. For this position, I believe that one of my strongest attributes is my impartiality to traditional biases. Often when a member of the executive council is confronted with funding proposals from particular groups, he or she is inherently susceptible to bias. You may be confident that if I am elected, then decisions will be made in a thoughtful manner to best serve our campus. It is an honor to run and would be an even higher honor to be elected.

April Ballard

“I have been on SGA for two years and have truly grown as a leader through my experiences. I began as solely a member of the academic affairs committee and the public relations committee, where I assisted in the planning of the Transylvania research symposium and many other events.

However, this year I have stepped up and become a much larger contributor on campus and in the organization. I was put in the position of technology liaison, where I coordinated with various technology representatives on campus as a voice for the student body in reference to technology-related subjects. I think that this position has given me the skills and connections that would be helpful for me if I were given the opportunity to serve as SGA secretary. I would be able to use these resources and the input of other students in order to represent the student body rightfully so.

My organizational skills also make me a great fit for the secretary position. I have the ability to keep things in order and do jobs in a timely manner. If given the opportunity to serve as SGA secretary I would represent our student body in its best interest, perform the necessary duties of secretary and continue to develop Transylvania in terms of academics, as well as with student life.”

First-year SGA members sworn in

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The 10 newly elected first-year senators in the Student Government Association were officially inducted last night at the organization’s weekly meeting. A total of 22 first-year students ran for office, which is more than the yearly average, making this year’s elections more competitive.

“I think having a whole week of orientation was good. People got to know each other more, which I think made them feel more comfortable representing each other on campus,” said senior Josh Edge, SGA president.

The newly elected senators are eager to start in their new positions.

“I feel privileged that my classmates respected me enough to allow me to represent them, and I hope to convey their wishes and concerns to the best of my ability,” said first-year Tyler Baker.

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