The PioSphere Weekly Forecast

The Weekly Forecast
PioSphere Reporter Josh Landry

Pioneer Performance: This week features a pair of swimmers at this past weekend’s Ohio Athletic Conference (OAC) Championships: Junior Carly Hubbard broke her personal record with a 2:08.44 and a second place finish in the 200 Butterfly. Senior Amanda Skinner finished first with 2:27.51 in the 200 Breaststroke. Both received All-Conference recognition for their top-three finishes, and the women’s team overall earned fourth place, with the men in fifth by weekend’s end.

Matchup of the Week: Beyond the pool, Transylvania is awash in a sea of sports for the next seven days. First, men’s basketball opens the HCAC tournament at 7:30 p.m. in the Beck Center on Tuesday, facing Mt. St. Joseph, while the women’s team (with a 1st place finish in the HCAC) will wait until Saturday at 3 p.m. to host the winner of Manchester v. Defiance. Second, Transy has season openers from both men and women’s tennis (vs. Piedmont College), as well as baseball and softball (who both play doubleheaders) on Saturday. Men’s lacrosse also plays its second game in the program’s history at Bridgewater College at 1 p.m. on the same day.

Player(s) to Watch: The men’s basketball Pioneers have seven seniors heading into their final HCAC tournament this Tuesday. With three of those players comprising the top three scorers, as well as seniors leading the team in every other major stat category, they make up the heart of the team facing Mt. St. Joseph.


The PioSphere Weekly Forecast

The Weekly Forecast
PioSphere Reporter Josh Landry

Pioneer Performance: Since the loss to Rose-Hulman at home, the men’s basketball Pioneers have had two double-digit wins, including a 91-47 win at Manchester College, with freshman Parker Stansberry scoring a career-high twenty-six points. The majority of Stansberry’s points came from beyond the arc, where he shot over fifty percent. The win came at a significant time for the Pioneers, as they maintained a tie for second place in HCAC standings.

Matchup of the Week: Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving enters its first Ohio Athletic Conference championship this Thursday. After joining the OAC in June of 2012, the Pioneers will travel to the University of Akron for their inaugural postseason competition.

Player(s) to Watch: The men’s basketball Pioneers are currently tied for second in HCAC standings with Hanover, the team they play the Wednesday at home at 7:30pm. Being the second to last game of the regular season, this is arguably the most important game of the year for the Pioneers and it will take a total team effort to come away with a win. The team has relied throughout the season on the leadership of a core group of seniors along with major contributions from freshman Parker Stansberry, and will need it all on Wednesday.

The PioSphere Weekly Forecast

The Weekly Forecast
PioSphere Reporter Josh Landry

Pioneer Performance: This week’s honors belong to senior swimmer Amanda Skinner for her success Saturday against Bellarmine. At the Saturday meet, which was also Senior Day, Skinner took first place in all four of the events she competed in individually and contributed to the 200 Medley Relay win for the Pioneers. This was part of an overall women’s swimming victory over the visiting Bellarmine with a score of 114-72.

Matchup of the Week: After a home loss this past weekend to Rose-Hulman, the Transy women’s basketball Pioneers maintain a one game lead over Franklin in HCAC standings. With the last place Mt. St. Joseph coming to Transy this Wednesday at 7:30pm, a Pioneer win is essential to keeping the lead in Heartland standings. Look for continued contribution from the team’s scoring leader Nicole Coffman and from the leading freshmen, Katelyn Smith and Alex Botkin.

Player to Watch: The Transy men’s basketball team faces off against the Mount St. Joseph Lions away from home this Wednesday. After a tough loss against Rose-Hulman (the leader in HCAC standings) at home Saturday, the team will need a bounce-back win. Look for the leading scorer from Saturday, as well as for the season, Senior Ethan Spurlin to continue to lead the team on Wednesday and in the final remaining games.

Wise Pioneer morphs into Florida Gator

Abby Ferguson

Sports Editor

As a liberal arts college, Transylvania University has the unique opportunity to prepare students in many areas of life, which sets graduates up for beneficial experiences. In the case of Matt Wise, a 2011 graduate and former men’s basketball player, this opportunity came in the shape of being a graduate manager of the University of Florida men’s basketball team.

Wise is taking classes in sports management and will graduate with his Master’s degree in the spring of 2013. During his time as a graduate manager he has helped with practices and individual workouts, runs errands for the coaches, creates mail-outs for recruits, does laundry and helps with summer camps.

As a Gainesville native, this opportunity at Florida holds a special place in Wise’s heart.

“My mom has been the head volleyball coach here since 1990. My dad is the color commentator for men’s basketball. So I have known the program for as long as I can remember,” said Wise. “Also, I have worked the basketball camps here every summer since 2007. So when it came time to find a program to be a part of, I was fortunate enough to have connections here and really fortunate enough for there to be an opening on the staff for me.”

During his time at Transy, Wise learned valuable lessons that have influenced his time at Florida.

“Being a part of Transy basketball was a major help in my current opportunity,” said Wise. “My basketball IQ would never be at the level it is without Transy basketball.”

Wise has also seen up close what it takes to run a successful basketball program.

“As a player, I felt like I spent so much time in the gym with practices, individual workouts, and lifts. But I was wrong about how much time I was devoting to the program,” said Wise. “It took me a little while to adjust to it, but now most of my day is spent in the practice facility. Some days I’ll be here for more than 13 or 14 hours.”

Along with the basketball skills Wise obtained during his time at Transy, he learned about the value of leadership.

“I discovered how to lead as a teammate and as a coach and how that can impact those around you. I believe it has helped me dealing both with the Florida players and the other members of the staff,” said Wise.

Although basketball made an impact on Wise, the relationships he formed at Transy helped shape his character. Fellow Transy alumnus Scott Bauman played a huge role in Wise’s life during college, and both are pursuing coaching.

“Scotty and I came into Transy with eight others in our freshmen class. Because of Scotty, I always knew I had more inside of me because I watched him give every ounce of himself everyday,” said Wise. “His support was a major influence on me whenever I was having a tough time with basketball or anything else at Transy.”

Wise also learned lessons outside the court that have been valuable during his time as a Gator.

“The single greatest way Transy prepared me was in the classroom. The program that I am in is extremely competitive and is supposed to be fairly difficult,” said Wise. “My experience, however, has been pretty easy. Not that the program here is a ‘cake walk’ by any means. Rather, I just strongly believe that the way Dr. Poynter, Dr. Hopper, Dr. Fulks, and the rest my professors at Transy pushed me made me more prepared for higher education than I ever could have imagined.”

Wise has been given the opportunity to build on the knowledge he gained at Transy and can see how things are done within another program.

“I will say that being a Gator has helped so much with my knowledge of coaching from Billy Donovan. I do not get to actively engage with Coach Donovan on a daily basis, but the lessons I’ve learned from simply watching him and being around him have made a major impact on me. He is everything right with coaching,” said Wise. “It is just really impressive to be around someone who almost always knows the exact button to push for a player. I am very blessed to be where I am.”

TU students celebrate No. 8

Counterclockwise, from left to right, seniors Meggie Wainscott, Julia Jarvis and Molly Pittman ventured up S. Limestone Street after the University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball NCAA championship victory.

Guy finds niche with basketball

by Abby Ferguson
Sports Editor

Many organizations and teams rely on their behind-the-scenes personnel to make the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

For the men’s and women’s basketball teams, sophomore Kim Guy is just the person that makes these things happen. Guy is in her second year of managing Transylvania basketball and has already made an impact.

For the past two years sophmore Kim Guy has managed both the men's and women's basketball teams. her hard work and dedication to the basketball programs has gained her respect among coaches and players.

“Kim is an integral part of our team,” said head basketball coach Brian Lane. “She has a passion for what she does, and it shows every day that she comes to practice or a game. She always anticipates what needs to be done and gives everything she has to our team.”

Guy has also made an impression on the women’s team during her time spent with them.

“She’s a very consistent young lady that has been great for both men’s and women’s basketball programs,” said head coach Greg Todd. “We would have a hard time without her because she’s such a big part of both of our programs.”

“She’s a positive influence on our team and we can count on her to always have a smile on her face,” said junior Terra Lucas. “Our team loves having her around and we always joke about how she should just be our manager instead of the guys’.”

Guy understands her job and knows that she is there to aid in any way she can.

“The players’ and coaches’ jobs are to win the game,” said Guy. “My job is to do everything that helps them accomplish that.”

The players have seen Guy grow and consider her to be more than just their manager.

“She was quiet at the beginning of last year, but she has opened up more this season and is just a part of this team as any of the rest of us. … She is like a sister to all of us,” said senior men’s basketball captain Chris Owens.

Guy agreed that basketball has given her an opportunity to grow in certain areas of her life.

“(Managing) basketball allows me to get out of my shell a little bit,” said Guy.

Basketball has taught Guy practical lessons and given her opportunities to support in other ways.

“It’s taught me dedication and responsibility,” said Guy. “There may be a conflict with the coaches or players or whatever, but if you can just be there you can help support.”

Throughout her experience, Guy has come to the realization that her job is not about her.

“I’m not the center; it’s not about me, it’s about the players. I get to step aside for the players,” said Guy.

Managing the basketball programs has given Guy a special outlet that not many get to experience.

“Before every game I follow the coaches onto the court. It’s this feeling of peace, knowing that I may have some family problems at home or stress from school, but it goes away right before the game. I’m in the zone,” said Guy. “It’s this amazing feeling knowing that it’s not about you.”

“She takes great pride in managing our team and is one of the best we have had,” Lane said.

TU-UK game benefits beyond the buzzer

by Molly Crain
News Editor

Now that the hype from the Transylvania vs. University of Kentucky game has settled down, the Transy community is left wondering, “Will the two teams ever play each other again?”

“We are in a situation where we are depending on the year. You have got to be an experienced, older team to try to do these things,” said Director of Athletics Jack Ebel. “I do think that it’s something that will happen again, but honestly it’s up to UK. We will just have to wait and see.”

Despite the final score of 97-53, Transy has made more gains than losses by playing the Wildcats, one being a 25 percent increase of hits to Transy’s new athletics website.

“On the day of the game there were approximately 1,800 visitors to the website, and 9,300 for the week — that is the highest increase since we started the site in May,” said Ebel.

“A lot of people don’t even know about (Transy),” said Ebel. “When people first hear our name they think, ‘Who? What? Romania?’ ”

However, Ebel isn’t just speaking about attention to the athletics department, but also to hopes that events like the Transy-UK game will attract attention to other programs as well.

“We have this great product that not very many people know about,” Ebel said, “and this is a great way to get it out.”

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