Library hours critiqued

Dear Editor,

This isn’t one of those things you can generalize so I’ll just speak from personal experience (with a few admitted asides, of course).  I am currently writing the week before finals (and, yes, happily procrastinating). I am also a bit of a late-to-sleep, late-to-class kind of guy (working on that one). I live a few blocks away from campus.

I know you aren’t reading this till May term but, as this is a flourish, I’ll keep it as promised (personal and reactional). Next week is what our schedules and the Registrar’s office so cynically refer to as “Finals”. Regular class times are shifted on this Finals week. We have a new schedule.  We have a “Reading Day” built into this schedule. The library stays open later on this schedule.

But, I am turning in two term papers this week. Last week I was (sort of) writing them. This week I stayed up most of the night (I know, bad form) to finish a ten pager. It happens, though, ya know. Sometimes I stay up too late. But, in some ways, I really like working at night. Less distracted (I guess that is to say: I like to work some nights, others I write letters to the editor…).

I think that Finals week is not my busiest week in the semester. In fact, I don’t even think it’s my second. We’ll give it a competitive third as weeks go around here.

Why is the library not open till at least 2 a.m. for all three of my busy weeks? Or perhaps this is the wrong question.

I think the right question is: Why isn’t the library open till 2 a.m. every night of every week (holidays and such excluded)? Let me rephrase real quickly: Why isn’t the library open till 2 a.m. every night – Sunday through Thursday – of the week (etc.)?

There are two possible answers. One, “the administration” (like “the council of they” only closer and more benevolent) doesn’t know some college students study past 12 a.m. (except on Finals week, of course). Or, two, the library is too expensive or “unsustainable” to maintain till 2 a.m.

Whatever the answer – this needs to change.

I realize a slight shift in library hours won’t solve the world’s problems, but I also believe there are others who study past 12 a.m., study at the library, prefer Transy’s Gay to U.K.’s Willie, and, would, like me, like to study into the a.m. on our turf.

—Charlie Zwischenberger, ‘13


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