Transylvania University, set in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, was the first university in the United States west of the Allegheny Mountains. Founded in 1780, the college has seen itself transform from the most critically acclaimed Southern medical school of the 1800s to one of the top liberal arts schools of the present day.

The Rambler has stood alongside Transylvania for years as its student-run newspaper, experiencing as many ups and downs as the school itself. Yet now we, the staff of The Rambler, are bringing it into the new millennium.

Our newspaper is a collection of articles which are essential and interesting to the Transy community but whose topics may reach far beyond our small campus. We are also determined to keep the Rambler an integral part of Transy life; our paper copies are released each Friday and can be found throughout campus, in areas such as the Front and Back Lobby of Forrer Hall, the 1780, and Jazzman’s Cafe.

The current website compiles the top articles from each issue and offers them to an audience far larger than our small paper publication can reach. It is updated with the release of each issue to provide an accurate and informative resource to those unable to reach a paper copy of The Rambler.

We would also love to use this website as a diving board for more in-depth community discussions about the Rambler and the topics it covers. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment or email us at rambler@transy.edu. We would love to hear from you.

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